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Lawnswood Roundabout improvements

The current design includes introducing the following elements:

  • A signalised roundabout at the Lawnswood junction.
  • Signalised pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities at the Lawnswood junction.
  • Segregated cycle facilities on the approaches to the Lawnswood junction.
  • A 24-hour southbound bus and cycle lane on Otley Road, on the approach to the Lawnswood junction, and prioritisation of buses at the new traffic signals.
  • No intervention at the Otley Old Road junction, or on Otley Old Road itself.
Aerial view of Lawnswood showing proposed changes
Aerial view of Lawnswood as it is now
Lawnswood - ExistingLawnswood - Proposed

The new design addresses the issues with the Lawnswood junction and aims to minimise the impacts on trees and green space, while retaining the character of the area. Our proposals include changes to make the junction:

  • Safer and more attractive for walking and cycling at this key location.
  • Signalisation of the junction to improve safety for general traffic.
  • Signalisation of the junction to allow buses to be prioritised.
  • Southbound bus and cycle lane on Otley Road approaching Lawnswood will allow buses to bypass queues during congested periods.

Lawnswood Roundabout plan

Lawnswood Cemetery to Weetwood Police Station bus and cycle lane plan

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